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Police identify two men killed in St. Louis shooting...
St. Louis Post Dispatch | 2018-05-21 UTC

The victims are Ira Johnson, 55, and Sylvester Caston, 61.

Pompeo issues steep demands for nuclear treaty with Iran...
Delaware County Daily Times | 2018-05-21 UTC

WASHINGTON > > Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a steep list of demands Monday that he said should be included in a nuclear treaty with Iran to replace the Obama-era deal, threatening "the strongest sanctions in history" if Iran doesn't c

5 IRA Rules You Should Know by Heart... | 2018-05-21 UTC

Few people know all of these basic elements of retirement accounts.

Julie Jason's Your Money: Much has changed since the first 'Senior Citizens Month'...
The Union Leader [ NH ] 2018-05-20 UTC

Are you over 65 and still working? Better yet, are you over 70 12, still working and still participating in your 401k plan?

When changing jobs, hit the brakes before you take this step with your 401(k) plan...
USA Today [ Business ] 2018-05-19 UTC

Retirees and job-switchers hit a crossroad: Keep that 401(k) plan at your old employer or roll it over to an IRA.Retirement plan service providers have the ability to nudge you toward one decision or the other.

Lost History: How 4 Ohio Kids Ended Pay Toilets in US...
US News & World Report | 2018-05-19 UTC

Nearly 50 years ago, a group of high school students from Dayton founded a committee and launched what would be a tenacious, cheeky national campaign to get rid of pay toilets hated by the public. Their effort allowed Americans everywhere to pee for free.

Lost history: How 4 Ohio kids ended pay toilets in US...
Washington Times | 2018-05-19 UTC

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) - The next time you step into a public restroom, say a quiet thank you to Dayton natives Michael and Ira Gessel, Steve Froikin and Natalie Precker. After all, it was their efforts nearly 50 years ago that allowed Americans to pee for fre

Impact PartnersVoice: Why Your IRA Is Likely At Risk...And How To Help Correct It...
Forbes | 2018-05-18 UTC

How much do you know about your portfolio and the way it's structured? Are you familiar with how exactly it interacts with the market, and how it reflects changes in the market? If you have questions, you're not alone. Take action to get some answ

Best practices for managing your 401(k) and IRA...
Las Vegas Sun | 2018-05-17 UTC

Many of today's retirees are living off defined benefit plans, such as Social Security or pensions, but an increasing number of future retirees will depend on defined contribution plans—401(k)s and IRAs.

My 401(K) Plan Is Free Right? Retirement Plan Fees Explained...
Forbes | 2018-05-17 UTC

Are you getting soaked with high 401k fees? Do you know what fees you are paying on your profit sharing plan? Here is how to find your 401k fees. Investment fees and plan fees can really add up, and drag down your investment returns. 401k Fees Suck

Stock market investment basics...
WFTX [ Fort Myers ] 2018-05-17 UTC

LEE COUNTY, Fla.-- The majority of American savers are invested in the stock market through their 401K's, savings plans or investment accounts.

Like Preakness bettors, 401k owners have cash on line in Apple's race to $1 trillion value... [ KXVA Abilene/San Angelo ] 2018-05-17 UTC

Don't own Apple stock? Actually, you do

Like Preakness bettors, 401k owners have cash on line in Apple's race to $1 trillion value...
USA Today [ Business ] 2018-05-17 UTC

Apple's swelling market value accounts for 4.1% of the Standard & Poor's 500, the biggest weighting in the large-company stock index. That means investors who never bought a share of Apple themselves, but who own S&P 500 index funds, have exposure

Oregon auto-IRA success shows national program would 'work well,' advocate says... | 2018-05-16 UTC

Program has amassed nearly $3 million in just a few months.

Does Switching To a Roth IRA From a Regular One Still Make Sense?...
Forbes | 2018-05-15 UTC

Converting your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA remains a good idea under the new tax law in many cases, even though the law changes make it slightly less beneficial.