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3 Top Index Funds for Your IRA... | 2018-08-24 UTC

Dividends, more dividends, and Russia.

A statement from Arizona Basketball sophomore Ira Lee...
KGUN 9 ABC Tucson | 2018-08-24 UTC

Arizona Basketball's Ira Lee put out a statement on twitter Thursday night.

Arizona Wildcats forward Ira Lee says he's 'deeply sorry' after DUI citation...
Arizona Daily Star | 2018-08-24 UTC

Lee says his grandmother committed suicide a day before UA police pulled him over.

United Opportunities Opens New IRA-Qualified, Asset-Backed Investment with Guaranteed Returns...
Markets Insider | 2018-08-23 UTC

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- United Opportunities has opened a limited number of positions in its new IRA-qualified, asset-backed investment in AgTech. The company is securing technologically advanced indoor cultivation pods for placement in..

El equipo espaol al que ira Oswaldo Alans tras su fail en Getafe... con la ayuda de un mexicano...
Sports Illustrated | 2018-08-23 UTC

News from around the web.

Do You Need Help With Your 401k Investing?...
Forbes | 2018-08-23 UTC

Your employer's 401k plan may have many choices, including a default investment alternative. Having the time and knowledge to evaluate all these choices is difficult. Consider a financial professional with retirement planning certifications.

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