Search Help

To perform a news lookup, type a sequence of words or a phrase in quotes and simply press the NewsLookup! submit button to begin your search.  By default IRASearch will search for the exact form of all words you type in the search box however searches are not case sensitive. by default will automatically search all words you enter.  You can use query language or boolean operators to further narrow your search results. Query Language:

  • Search in document titles using 'intitle:' function:
  • Search Meta Keywords using 'metakey:' function:
  • Search Meta Descriptions using 'metadesc:' function:
  • Document Body Search using 'body:' function:

Boolean Examples:

  • explicit operator AND:
    Bush & Obama
  • operator OR:
    Bush | Obama
  • operator NOT:
    Bush -Obama
    Bush !Obama
  • phrase search:
    "stock market"

Search by Site Example:

  • search operator SITE:

Expanded Options:

You may narrow your search further by clicking expanded options and using the following selections described below.

The "News Media" select box provides a list of news industry categories.  The default 'all' setting will search all news categories.

Internet - provides results only from internet based news sites.  In other words news organizations that have no other media outlet other than the internet.

Magazine - news magazines

News Agencies - wires services (Reuters, AP, etc)

Newspapers - weekly and daily newspaper websites.

Radio - news and talk radio websites.

Television - TV news websites.

This option allows you to narrow results by location of the news organization. (not to be confused with location of the news story).  To narrow further by province, state and country select a region edition or search form link.

Setting for searching document parts.  The default setting will search the entire document.   Use this drop-down to narrow your result by URL title, document body or the documents meta keyword and description meta tags.

Documents can be sorted by relevancy or last time the document was modified.  If an indexed site does not provide last modified date from http server header, we then use last time document was indexed.


For more than one search result you can group results by site (default).  For example results from the same site will show up:
"More results from this site: [ 34 total ]"