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Look back: Ira Mandeville Kirkendall: Wilkes-Barre's first mayor...
Times Leader [ Wilkes-Barre ] 2019-07-14 UTC

When Wilkes-Barre was incorporated as a city by a special Act of the General Assembly dated May 4, 1871, a new government was put into place dividing the municipality into 15 wards. Legislative powers were [...]

Ira Mehlman: Democrats commit political suicide on immigration...
Fox News | 2019-07-13 UTC

Democrats are taking positions on immigration that are likely to lead to President Trump's reelection.

Stockton biofuel firm fined $401K for dumping industrial wastewater into city sewers... | 2019-07-12 UTC

STOCKTON — A federal judge this week fined and sanctioned a biodiesel firm based in the Port of Stockton for discharging industrial wastewater

Secrets to 401k Management — DIY or Hire a Pro?...
InvestorPlace | 2019-07-12 UTC

401k management can mean the difference between a sound financial future and worries. Learn about your options to maximize your 401k account.

We're a 'big, messed-up country,' and Ira Glass is into that American life...
Buffalo News | 2019-07-12 UTC

From the time Ira Glass started "This American Life" in 1996, he has been stepping out of the studio and touring the country to promote h...

Pending retirement rule could make the IRS your biggest IRA beneficiary, expert warns...
Fox Business | 2019-07-12 UTC

Advancing legislation may eliminate stretch IRAs.

Yahoo News | 2019-07-12 UTC

How To Reach $1 Million In Retirement Savings...
Investor's Business Daily | 2019-07-11 UTC

Many people think they need to save $1 million for retirement. Too big to reach? Building your nest egg to that size can be easier than you expect. The post How To Reach $1 Million In Retirement Savings appeared first on Investor's Business Daily .

What Are the 2019 IRA Contribution Limits?... | 2019-07-11 UTC

IRAs can help you save for retirement -- but how much are you allowed to contribute?

El Galaxy ira con todo para comprar a Uriel Antuna...
Sports Illustrated | 2019-07-11 UTC

News from around the web.

Turn A Summer Job Into A $120,660 Retirement Windfall...
Investor's Business Daily | 2019-07-11 UTC

Summer jobs for teens teach the value of money and hard work. But they can also give a huge head start on summer job tax and retirement planning. The post Turn A Summer Job Into A $120,660 Retirement Windfall appeared first on Investor's Business Dail

The 2 main types of retirement accounts tax your money differently, and knowing which to use could be the key to saving even more...
Business Insider | 2019-07-10 UTC

401(k)s and IRAs come in two varieties: Roth and traditional. The main difference between the two is when the money is taxed.

Congress Is Coming for Your IRA...
Wall Street Journal | 2019-07-09 UTC

The Secure Act would upend 20 years of retirement planning and stick it to the middle class.

Can I take money from my Roth IRA without paying a penalty?... | 2019-07-09 UTC

Here are the rules for taking money from your Roth IRA.

Retirees may fare worse reinvesting their IRA or 401(k) withdrawals under the Secure Act...
CNBC | 2019-07-09 UTC

The Secure Act would raise the age when you have to take required minimum distributions to 72, from 70. By the time you're 89, a brokerage account holding those RMDs could have less in it than it would under current law.

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