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Taliban, death, immigration: Teens rise from tragedy...
Washington Times | 2018-10-13 UTC

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - The nine Iroquois High School students who gathered last June for an ambitious project could, on the surface, have not have been more different. Three are from Louisville, its south and west ends, the others from Cuba, Pakistan, Ira

Ask a Fool: What Are the Best Stocks for My IRA?... | 2018-10-12 UTC

Certain types of stocks work particularly well in retirement accounts.

Is Berkshire Hathaway Stock Suitable for Your IRA or Roth IRA? (BRK.B, BRK.A)...
Investopedia | 2018-10-12 UTC

Discover how Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is structured and if the company is appropriate for individual retirement accounts.

Am I Too Old to Benefit from Opening a Roth IRA?...
Investopedia | 2018-10-12 UTC

You may not be too old to open a Roth IRA. Roth IRAs can offer significant retirement income security and tax advantages, even for older workers.

Inherited An IRA? Understand Your Distribution Options...
Forbes | 2018-10-12 UTC

Thoroughly understand about IRA distribution options and the rules for Traditional, SEP, SIMPLE, and ROTH IRAs.

Market and 401K...
WFXV [ Utica ] 2018-10-11 UTC

UTICA N.Y. (WUTR) -- How much does an 800 point drop in the stock market affect your 401k? Eyewitness News Parker Tully has more.

Have a 401(k) or IRA? Not keeping an eye on this number could cost you dearly... [ KXVA Abilene/San Angelo ] 2018-10-11 UTC

Have a 401(k)? Keep your eye on this number

Have a 401(k) or IRA? Not keeping an eye on this number could cost you dearly...
USA Today [ Business ] 2018-10-11 UTC

Failure to pay heed could cost you in the form of a 50 percent tax penalty. And some other tips for changes in filing taxes.

Use a SEP IRA to Save for Retirement and Reduce Taxes...
Investopedia | 2018-10-11 UTC

If you are a business owner, learn how a SEP IRA can help reduce your taxes and add to your retirement savings.

The curious case of a stolen photo, turned into a fake tweet, then an ad...
Mashable | 2018-10-11 UTC

It's the nature of memes to be spread around the internet, meaning that we often don't know (or care) where they came from. But writer Ira Madison III is not down with a photo he posted being taken, turned into a fake tweet, then used for an ad. S

How to Reduce Your Taxes and AGI by Giving to Charity...
Investopedia | 2018-10-10 UTC

Learn how you, as an IRA owner, can lower your adjusted gross income and reduce your taxes by making qualified charitable distributions.

Independent 401(K): A Top Retirement Vehicle For Sole Proprietors...
Investopedia | 2018-10-10 UTC

An independent 401K has several advantages over the SEP IRA. Find out why it's often a better alternative.

Solutions for tax free retirement...
KHON [ Honolulu ] 2018-10-10 UTC

The most popular way to set up your financial future is through Roth IRA or 401K, but these come with limitations, including the higher income earner not being allowed to utilize the Roth option.

Life Insurance vs. IRA for Retirement Saving...
Investopedia | 2018-10-10 UTC

Sure, you can tap your permanent life insurance policy to help fund your retirement. But in most cases, an IRA is the better choice. Here's why.

A plethora of plays opening in Tucson, a few closing...
Arizona Daily Star | 2018-10-09 UTC

The Ira Levin thriller "Deathtrap" is on stage at Arizona Rose Theatre.